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Lesson How to play Everyday I Have The Blues on Guitar

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Should I buy my sister (33f) a car as the one she currently has is a lemon and she wants to do a voluntary repo?


My sister (33f) bought a car two years ago that I (30f) strongly advised her not to buy as her old car was in decent condition and plus she could barely afford that one. She bought the car a 2016-2018 Buick used she has now anyways. She was not done paying off her previous car so they added the remaining balance to the current car. Her car payment went up and insurance .

She struggled to make payments for two years and always 3 months behind so my partner and I always bailed her out because she as the most phenomenal 9 year old daughter ( my niece) that we love and adore. She is our world! We don’t want her walking in the rain, extreme heat and vicious dogs have a history to be roaming around the area so making sure she gets to school safely is important. So her mom needs a reliable car. The only reason why we helped as it benefits my niece as we live in rural part of California there’s not a lot of transportation options.

Last week my sister informed me that she going to do a voluntary repo of her car as her payments are not worth it as the car poorly runs . She took it to the shop to get it fixed about 3k my older sister (37f) and her husband (40M) paid (she could not afford the bill) . The Buick dealer said that the problem was fixed but it wasn’t still same problem and would cost additional 2k in repairs. Sister doesn’t have that money laying around so she can’t do it. Doesn’t want to ask me as I initially advised her not to buy that car in the first place. Plus we helped out so much too in general.

i did get into her car a few days ago and it’s scary … it stalls, all the lights are on, the clutch to change gears is broken, whole car shakes and issue with power steering. My partner and I agree it’s not safe for my sister and especially my niece! But she still drives it and has no other form of transportation to get to work and take my niece to school and other errands she does.

I was thinking of buying her a used car under 10k in cash. My partner said he would be open to that as it would benefit our niece and my sister wouldn’t have a car payment. However, my sister is a single parent and lives paycheck to paycheck…so even if we buy her a car it’s slim she won’t stay on it with maintenance.

Just wondering what y’all would do in this situation.

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Love the beautiful sea view, it can always heal your soul

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Other Video us volunteer describes his experience

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Site Layout Map

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Help/Question Is using a dev save bannable?


My friend used a save with all of the achievements and infinite cookies, and I was wondering if it is bannable, if it's not, I will use it :)

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How are the trains running today?


Should I drive to work?

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🗿Мемы Удачный анекдот, не про акулу, а про активных балконных представителей данного саба. В переводе не нуждается.

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Booking Promo Code Uk


Check out the link for Booking Promo Code Uk. Once on the website, you'll have access to a variety of coupons, promo codes, and discount deals that are updated regularly to help you save on your purchase.

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(UK) Mum bitten by mosquitos two weeks ago. Rash now appearing around it?

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Hey everyone. My mum got two hefty mosquito bites on her thigh about 2 weeks ago. They were unbearably itchy and very big.

They are only just now settling down however yesterday she noticed a red rash appearing around both bites which has now started itching and getting worse. The rash passed the glass test.

Any ideas? Is it possibly an infection?

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Meme 🤣 Hazte pendeja.

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GENERAL-NEWS Report: Crypto Companies Widening Their Search for Banking Partners

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Discussion Game still looks like shit after the last visual Overhaul



take a look at this. I've been quite dissatisfied after the last visual overhaul (i think a month or so ago) where they introduced the new Antialiasing. It was even worse right after release and they fixed some of the issues. After continue playing for some time i got used to the changes i guess, until i scrolled through some of my older screenshots and came across this:


Processing img oqn4hrho775b1...

Now take a look at how the game looks today:



i know its not the excact same setting/ lighting but i think its obvious, the ship looks like it got cut out of paper and put over the screen. Also the Textures are grainy and the Lighting on the ship is not what it used to be.
Are you thinking the same or am i too old for advanced modern graphics? :p

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LPT: if your home has an embarrassingly unpleasant odor and you're having guests, bake cookies from store-bought cookie dough. By the time the cookie smell diffuses, your guests will have been slowly acclimated to the home odor and will not notice. Plus you'll have fresh cookies to offer.


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Wer hat bock alle girls die ich kenne zu cocktributen, hab viele Bilder und kann feeden, leider nur nonudes, alter 18-25, können auch über jede reden. Dm hier oder kik wildfire069, telegram jaow91


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Damn Reddit and their Spammy Ads!


I was finally able to end the reign of that stupid Religious ad everyone was plagued by, "I mass reported it as, "Violent" and it finally (mostly) disappeared on my feed.

NOW it's replaced with stupid Military ads!! I'm reporting them all as, "misleading" to see if I can't get them gone as well!!

I know it's an unpopular opinion, but why can't Reddit be like Facebook, and target the ads to be things people actually might want!!

I'm not totally against ads, nor am I against targeted ads. I'd actually prefer to see ads for things I'm interestedin, than being bombarded by religious bullshit and Military Propaganda 🤷🏻

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DOOM’s Journey to a Unique Soundtrack

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LPT Request: What is a healthy way to express anger?


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Other Be informed


So this isn’t a bait. But I thought to share the kinds of information these Yahoo boys hunt for when the chat the “CL” (slang for “Client” aka “mugu” aka the mark). Can’t post in r/scam cos I got banned for going to war with someone there for unfairly calling out “all Nigerians” as fraudsters. I’m Nigerian, born, raised and resident in Nigeria. While I understand that a disproportionately large number of a particular kind of scams emanate from these shores, I take objection to labeling “all Nigerians” as fraudsters

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Need help I drive an automatic VW golf Mk7 and the car won't go into 1st,3rd or 5th all the other gears are working but due to having to start in 2nd gear it's making a terrible grinding noise pulling away.A mechanic in the family had a look at it and thinks it might be the "Dual Mass flywheel" 🤷🏼


Are there any quick fixes to get the gears to go into the correct position?

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Question & Support Does anyone know what time the rawdah registration will be open for men?


My parents are going to Hajj in a week and I am still trying to register both of them for the Rawdah prayer. For my mother i see dates open but would like one on the 19th but for my dad I dont see any dates available. Can someone please give me some guidance?

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Found a friend

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V60 XC on the left and my V60 R-design on the left.

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Fish WIP, I was asked to draw it for my grandpa's birthday. Can't say I ever thought I would be spending hours drawing a realistic fish.

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Booking.com Flights Deals


Check out the link for Booking.com Flights Deals. Once on the website, you'll have access to a variety of coupons, promo codes, and discount deals that are updated regularly to help you save on your purchase.